About Us

120 People, 7 Countries, 11 offices

Started in 2005, Zinc is a Marketing Agency with offices in Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia. Servicing clients across a wide spectrum of industries from beverages to banks.

We're a proud bunch

Our values

We’re ALL in

Half measures? Never heard of them.
We’re passionate, proactive and pumped about delivering for clients,
helping out a team mate or rolling up our sleeves to make a difference.
We believe success should be shared and team work is the answer.
Are you in?

We’ll have some

We love what we do and do what we love!
We’re the same people at work as we are on the weekend.
We work just as hard at having good times as we do at doing a great job.

We live for the

We’re a curious lot. We’ve learned that great answers come from asking the right questions.
That unearthing knowledge is a challenge not a chore.
That interrogation leads to innovation.
And that to stand apart, you’ve got to shake things up a little.

We Sleep well at night

We’re not just good at what we do. We’re good in what we do.
We share. We play fair. Good karma means we work calmer.
And that helps us sleep well at night.

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