News Zinc Creates Thai Super Pets

12th October 2017

Zinc has inadvertently sparked a furry Thor: Ragnarok frenzy with its latest cinema product.

Die hard fans of the Marvel Universe have found a whole new way to celebrate the upcoming release of the next blockbuster: Thor Ragnarok, due to hit our screens in Australia later this month.

Zinc works with exhibitors and licencors across the globe to help movie goers celebrate their cinema experience by designing and producing bespoke movie cups and popcorn tins.

There is nothing ordinary about these cups and popcorn tins… just ask these furry fans from Thailand.


More and more photos are being shared daily to Thailand’s Store Major Group Cinema Facebook page.

“We’re constantly amazed by the consumers’ imagination and the way they re-imagine our products. Obviously, the Thor cup toppers weren’t designed as helmets for pets, but fans always find an ingenious way to reuse them. Over the years we’ve had everything from spaghetti jars to pot plants holders,” said Robert Macolino, Zinc’s Innovation Director.

Zinc works with the creators of a wide range of movie blockbusters to bring the movie assets to life in wild and wonderful ways. Over the past few years, Zinc has created hundreds of designs for over 50 films for more than 70 cinema chains globally.

The Thor:Ragnarok cups will be available in Event Cinemas with the release of Thor:Ragnarok.

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