News You are helping make a real difference

16th December 2019

We try to practise our values everyday.

A business can’t just be about profit – we don’t know anyone whose daily work motivation is just that. There has to be something more!

For us it’s a concept called “Shared Value” – it’s not about profit but rather creating real value and then sharing this with our key stakeholder groups. The more successful we are the more value we can create, that we can then share.

Crucial to this cycle is your ongoing commitment to us. Thank you for the critical role you play in making it possible to support our social enterprise partner, Cambodian Kids Foundation (CKF).

CKF provides an opportunity for people to get out of poverty – a “hand-up, not a hand-out”. CKF runs various projects to firstly educate children and young adults in Cambodia, including the Soksan International School and Kimyeng Kindergarten, as well as teacher training, and then provide ongoing opportunities around health and employment programs, alongside a range of other family assistance initiatives.

We have decided to impose a “social levy” on ourselves to really help – so contributing a percentage of our profits to help support the great work of CKF. Every year a group of Zinc team members from around the globe raise funds for, and travel to, CKF to learn more about their work and lend a helping hand with their current projects. We also sit on the CKF board to help out strategically.

The most recent mission to Cambodia (or Mishcam) has just returned and the team was inspired and humbled by what they saw, learned and experienced. Of course, it was understanding the history of Cambodia and meeting and working with the incredible teachers and children at Soksan International School, one of CKF’s major projects, that had the greatest impact.

Here’s what the Zinc team had to say about their time in Cambodia:

“The resilience and passion the children and teachers have, despite the challenges they’ve faced and continue to face, blew me away.” Sam
“It was incredible to meet the teachers and see how the school is run. It is a really safe space for the kids to grow and learn and they are doing an incredible job.” Lyon
“We spent a lot of time working on group projects with the teachers and children and their creativity and energy is amazing.” Molly
“The kids are so happy to be learning and playing together at the school. It’s a great focal point for the whole community.” Natalie

Thank you again from the team at Zinc for helping make this happen. Please visit Cambodian Kids Foundation to learn more.