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19th October 2017

Innovation & Inspiration Shout – October 2017

Time for your monthly dose of awesome! The monthly Innovation & Inspiration Shout is a collection of what inspires us from around the web. Enjoy! Nike NBA smart jerseys to allow fans to connect to highlights, unlock exclusive offers A jersey isn’t just a jersey anymore. In taking over the NBA apparel deal, Nike announced […]

12th October 2017

Zinc Creates Thai Super Pets

Zinc has inadvertently sparked a furry Thor: Ragnarok frenzy with its latest cinema product. Die hard fans of the Marvel Universe have found a whole new way to celebrate the upcoming release of the next blockbuster: Thor Ragnarok, due to hit our screens in Australia later this month. Zinc works with exhibitors and licencors across the […]

26th September 2017

Are you looking in the right places for brand advocates?

We’ve been thinking about how brands achieve the elusive and often hard to attain brand advocacy. It’s a measure of brand health and often lands as a measure of a marketing team’s success. The game is tough, but we think there’s a simple approach that’s often overlooked. The ticket to brand advocacy starts at home, […]

14th September 2017

Five Tips To Creating A Great Work Place (By Someone Who Created A Great Place To Work)

Zinc CEO, Pete Cleary, sat down with B&T to spill the beans on what it takes to create a great work place.

12th September 2017

Innovation & Inspiration Shout – September 2017

Time for your monthly dose of awesome! The monthly Innovation & Inspiration Shout is a collection of what inspires us from around the web. Enjoy! NIKE’s unlimited stadium in manila is the ‘world’s first LED running track’     In the center of manila, NIKE has constructed a pop-up arena that has been dubbed the ‘world’s first full-size LED […]

30th August 2017

5 tips on creating a great workplace from the 10th ranked company in the 2017 Great Places to Work list

  Peter Cleary, CEO, Zinc Group   At Zinc, we believe that if you put people first, great things will follow. The secret to a great workplace isn’t rocket science, it’s simple. The best people do the best work and create the best results. Since the day we started Zinc in 2005, our goal has […]

8th June 2017

The Smart Home of the future is here… sort of.

Growing up as a teenager in the 90’s (and being something of a tech geek to begin with) meant late nights watching Patrick Stewart in spandex on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Since then, all I’ve ever really wanted is my home to have the power of the on-board computer from the USS Enterprise. We […]

29th March 2017

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not creative.

What does it mean to be creative and, am I creative is a question I’ve seen marketers and many others wrestle with over time. I consider myself creative. I can’t draw, paint, write a hit song or film and I don’t play an instrument – put simply, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” […]

12th December 2016

Fun office. Happy workplace.

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of what a great workplace Zinc promotes. From the gym, pool table, table tennis table or any of other amenities we have that truly make for an inspiring, happy and productive work space. Here’s a recent piece of the important role the office environment is playing in Australian businesses […]

31st August 2016

5th GPTW 2016

As a business we strive to deliver the best results for our clients. But, we understand that in order to deliver great outcomes for our external clients, we need to deliver great outcomes for our internal clients; our team members. That’s why at Zinc, we’ve worked so hard to develop and maintain a culture that […]