News Innovation and Inspiration Shout – September 2019

2nd September 2019

We’ve been busy collecting loads of great innovations from across the globe for this edition – it goes perfectly with a well-made cup of tea. Enjoy.

You Can Now Buy A Bike Made From Recycled Nespresso Pods

Coffee firm Nespresso has partnered with Swedish bicycle manufacturer Vélosophy to create a bike made from 300 recycled coffee pods, according to a company statement…  more

Why Pokémon Wants To Gamify Your Sleep

You’ve probably played the mobile game Pokémon Go, where you’re encouraged to get out and explore the world in the name of capturing Pokémon by way of augmented reality. Now, Niantic, the same company behind the massively popular title, wants to turn another basic human activity into a game: sleeping… more

Meet Noonoouri – The Virtual Instagram Influencer 

With over 270K Instagram followers, front row seats at fashion shows and a designer wardrobe coveted by many, Noonoouri fits the criteria for any thriving luxury influencer/vlogger, no different to the likes of Kefilwe Mabote, Sarah Langa Mackay, Mihlai Ndamase, and Cynthia Gwebu… more

French Startup Targets Hi-Tech Anti-Pollution Mask At Asia’s Health-Conscious Consumers

R-PUR, a French startup making anti-pollution face masks, is looking to bring its high-end, stylish face masks to Asia, targeting health-conscious consumers in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan… more

Could Algae-Based ‘Biocurtains’ Make Our Cities Healthier?

In an era defined by problems caused by humans, architects Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto of London-based firm ecoLogicStudio think we should be looking at biological intelligence to develop solutions for our future. One of their projects, called Photo.Synth.Etica, is an urban-scale “biocurtain” that uses microalgae and the process of photosynthesis to capture carbon dioxide from polluted air… more

‘Metalface’ Is The Ultimate Metallic Resin That Transmits Light And Radio Waves

Japanese company Kenma inc. recently launched ‘metalface’, an innovative metallic resin that brings endless applications to turn surfaces into interactive displays. Its aesthetic is indistinguishable from real metals and it has the ability to trasmit light and radio waves, making it extremely functional. In addition it does not corrode, enabling the products to be light and thin, revolutionising the way people use and think about metal as a design material… more

Why I Love Plastic-Free Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite toothpaste bits are little vegan tablets stored in a glass bottle that foam up and quickly become toothpaste when you chew them… more

No More Cardboard Boxes? 3M Invents An Ingenious New Way To Ship Products

The 3M company is launching a new material that could reduce the time, materials, and space required to ship products by 50%… more

Breakthrough Tech Gives Old Clothes New Life

The process, called SOFT (Separation Of Fabric Technology), is able to recover roughly 98 per cent of an item’s raw materials in the form of rPET pellets and cellulose powder, which have a wide range of uses in various industries, and produces only water as waste. It is a world-first technology, according to BlockTexx, which has filed a patent application with IP Australia… more