News Innovation and Inspiration Shout – May 2019

27th May 2019

From the Holy Grail of paint innovation to copy-paste beauty and, finally, the flying machine we’ve all been promised since…well forever…and much more, please check out the innovations that caught our eye this month.

A New Solar Paint Lets You Transform Your Entire House Into a Source of Clean Energy
A team of researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) has developed a paint that can be used to generate clean energy… more

The Swiss Designer Bringing Human-Centered Solutions to Milan
Reto Togni will present a smarter wheelchair and a quick fix for war-torn houses… more

Smart Make-Up Printer Allows Users to Recreate Beauty Trends in Real Time

This intelligent handheld mirror reproduces the make-up looks found in online beauty content and digitally ‘prints’ the make-up on the user… more

CleanseBot – World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot 

Patent-pending Smart Robot is Pocket-sized and ready for travel. Meet your new best travel buddy!  more

Apple Redesigned the Credit Card. Can it Redesign Debt?
This is Apple Card: the credit card Apple is releasing both as a tangible credit card and a virtual card inside Apple Pay, in conjunction with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard… more

The Speeder: Jetpack Aviation Opens Pre-Orders on Jet Powered Flying Motorcycle
Jetpack Aviation has leap-frogged its own flying car project with the announcement that it’s taking pre-orders now on a self-stabilising, jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle capable of 150 mph speeds, 20 minute endurance and 15,000 feet altitudes… more

Venetian Las Vegas Want The World Package
The Venetian has just redefined “over-the-top” with their new Want The World package. The four-night stay comes with a laundry list of amenities you never knew you needed until now… more

This Hand-Held Vacuum Makes Space-Efficient Packing a Breeze!
The Pacum literally saves more space than it occupies. The tiny handheld vacuum allegedly packs more punch than a Dyson, allowing you to seal and store your clothes in air-tight bags, eliminating any pockets of air that may take up space in your suitcase… more

Why Top Restaurants are Getting Rid of Stoves (and why you might, too)
The Turin-based product design studio Adriano Design has developed a concept for the appliance manufacturer Fabita that feels like it could fundamentally help reimagine kitchen design…  more