News Innovation and Inspiration Shout – January 2020

28th January 2020

Happy new year and happy Year of the Rat to those celebrating the Lunar New Year!

Our first edition for 2020 brings you a range of clever innovations from morning coffee to cocktail hour to…VR for cows?

Here’s to a great year ahead.

Bike Company Prints Flatscreen TVs On Shipping Cartons, Reduces Damage By 70%-80%

These bike boxes are about the same size as a really big, expensive, flat-screen television. So the bike company put an image of one on every box, assuming handlers would care a little more about that than a bike. And they were right…more

Coca-Cola To Replace Plastic Shrink Wrap With Paper Packaging Across Europe

Coca-Cola and its European bottling partners will remove shrink wrap from its can multipacks, to be replaced with a €15m (£12.8m) investment into a paper-based packaging solution by the end of 2021…more

This Coaster Has An AI Bartender That Guides You Through The Cocktail Making Process

This is the Barsys Coaster, a smart coaster with a mini weighing-machine and AI inside it that coaches you through the finer details of the cocktail-mixing process. The coaster works with the Barsys app, which lets you select a recipe, while the coaster itself sits on a table with an empty glass above it. The app tells you how to build your cocktail, by telling you what to pour into your glass, while the coaster and its weight-sensor lets you know when to stop pouring…more

Cows On Russian Farm Get Fitted With VR Goggles To Increase Milk Production

The VR headsets will hopefully relax the cows, offering them sun-filled summer views of green pastures…more

A Pocket-Friendly DIY Cardboard Drum Kit To Kickstart Your Music Production Journey

Beatbox is a build-it-yourself MIDI controller drum kit, camouflaged in the body of a cardboard unit (but manufacturer Rhythmo promises that this does not compromise your music-making process). It’s a pocket-friendly beat making tool, allowing you to create music at home or on the go. Conceived by Austin-based developer Ethan Jin, Beatbox promises all of the fun, but none of the headache…more

Marina Tex: A Biodegradable Plastic Made From Fish Algae And Other Fish Waste

Marina Tex – a biodegradable bioplastic – has won the UK section of the James Dyson Awards for 2019. The bioplastic is made from red algae and other waste products from the fishing industry. Created by Lucy Hughes, Marina Tex is an alternative for single-use plastics, for instance those used for sandwich packets…more

Pizza Hut Is Testing Round Pizza Boxes And Plant-Based ‘Meat’ Toppings

Pizza Hut is tentatively going to test a new and trendy plant-based topping that the company will serve out of compostable round boxes…more

Shake For Champagne

A bottle of champagne is one of the best ways to celebrate, and it’s easier than ever aboard a Virgin Voyages cruise. Starting in 2020, passengers aboard The Scarlet Lady — Virgin’s first luxury yacht — can request champagne anywhere on board just by shaking their phone…more

NYC Designers Eliminate Plastic Coffee Cup Lid With Single Folded Paper Unocup

With the folded Unocup, a New York-based design duo works to sidestep the inconvenience of sustainable living. the foldable paper coffee cup is reimagined to integrate its lid into a single, origami-like piece — completely plastic free…more