News How green is your marketing?

29th August 2018

Incorporating green marketing practices can seem like an overwhelmingly complex challenge for a business with good intentions but little experience. It’s an important conversation but one that can easily end up in the too-hard basket with no action taken.

As consumers become more stringent in their demands for ecologically considered products and services, however, leaving it there may become a problematic, if not risky, position for a business to take.

We’re fascinated by the meeting point of marketing and green innovation – here are some great examples we’ve seen lately that show clever green product and marketing thinking.

The oxygen producing tyre.
This oxygene concept tyre from Goodyear has moss living inside it and creates photosynthesis when it draws moisture from wet roads. The result is oxygen – tonnes of it…read more


Eat it, drink it…then eat it.
Indonesian company Evoware is waging war on throwaway drinking cups and packaging by developing a range of edible alternatives made from flavoured seaweed…read more


SALTWATER BREWERY creates edible six-pack rings.
the seemingly innocuous six-pack ring wreaks havoc on the environment and can strangle wildlife of all kinds. This edible solution solves the problem…read more


Upcycling plastic toys into furniture.
if you know kids you’ll know how much of their playtime involves plastic toys, but when the toy is outgrown what happens to all that plastic? Belgian manufacturers ecoBirdy have developed a wide range of furniture and products made entirely from upcycled plastic toys…read more


The plastic-free compostable phone case.
phthalate, BPA, cadmium and lead-free, these unique phone cases are designed to protect your phone and the environment…read more


Being motivated to reassess business practices through a green filter is a positive move for any organisation. And tackling it doesn’t need to be all consuming and problematic – there are ways to break it down into workable chunks.

An inspirational starting point for anyone thinking about incorporating green practices into a business comes from the book The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding by Jacquelyn A. Ottman.

Republished from her website, here are some key starting points for anyone looking for a greener approach to their marketing and branding.

1. Understand the deeply held environmental and social beliefs and values of your consumers and other stakeholders and develop a long-term plan to align with them.
2. Create new products and services that balance consumers’ desires for quality, convenience, and affordability with minimal adverse environmental and social impacts over the life of the product.
3. Develop brands that offer practical benefits while empowering and engaging consumers in meaningful ways about the important issues that affect their lives.
4. Establish credibility for your efforts by communicating your corporate commitment and striving for complete transparency.
5. Be proactive. Go beyond what is expected from stakeholders. Proactively commit to doing your share to solve emerging environmental and social problems — and discover competitive advantage in the process.
6. Think holistically. Underscore community with users and with the broad array of corporate environmental and societal stakeholders.
7. Don’t quit. Promote responsible product use and disposal practices. Continuously strive for “zero” impact.

These are great conversation starters for any business and will undoubtedly lead to challenging and ultimately transformational conversations.