Our work VB Live Cricket Watch

VB scores with the Live Cricket Watch

Victoria Bitter never disappoints. Each year, the Victoria Bitter team looks for new ways to keep their loyal drinkers engaged over summer. VB wanted a high quality, ‘must have’ promotional item that would leverage their legacy with cricket and get blokes talking about Victoria Bitter – no matter what they’re up to.

Zinc started with a mission- To keep guys talking about Victoria Bitter the whole summer. After a thorough ideation process, Zinc developed the Victoria Bitter Live Watch, a first ever Smart Watch that delivers real time cricket scores, vibrates at major events, plays the VB theme song and of course tells the time. Zinc developed both the hardware and software for the watch- including app design and development.

The VB Live Cricket Watch promotion is in market from 10th November 2014 until 14th November2015, with further opportunity to win a watch during the World Cup until 29th March 2015.