Welcome to Zinc Innovation Shout July

Consider it Christmas in July and these articles are a gift from me to you. Included are a diverse range of topics covered, including an article from The Brand Identity interviewing five creatives on workplace essentials and a creative agency who's innovative thinking created men's wedding dresses using AI technology. Shoutouts to Tobi who sent through a French start-up turning textile waste into eco-friendly bricks. Numerous interesting reads below, hope you enjoy.

Mens Wedding Ai Collection by Brik Studio

A contemporary men’s wedding collection inspired by and blending the elegance of the wedding dress with the sophistication of the suit... more


FabBRICK reinvents construction materials with recycled textile waste

As a matter of fact, the annual waste from the textile industry represents not less than 4 million tons of clothes only in Europe. If the idea of Clarisse can seem optimistic on paper, the numbers are speaking for themselves... more


A new material for eco-friendly packaging for coffee that's not just biege

To address this, the Earthmade Aromabox presents a remarkable solution—a home-compostable, eco-friendly packaging design that revolutionizes the coffee industry’s approach to sustainability... more


Workplace essentials: we asked five creatives what helps their day go that little bit smoother

Here are my must-haves: a hot latte with almond milk, my cat sitting around me, and the Amy Winehouse Live BBC playlist... more


Six Strategies For Encouraging Creativity And Risk-Taking

Innovation drives progress and keeps businesses ahead of the competition, but building a culture of innovation is challenging... more


Thank you for the attention. See you next month for a new version of the Innovation Shout. Happy innovating! 

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