News 5th GPTW 2016

31st August 2016

As a business we strive to deliver the best results for our clients.

But, we understand that in order to deliver great outcomes for our external clients, we need to deliver great outcomes for our internal clients; our team members.

That’s why at Zinc, we’ve worked so hard to develop and maintain a culture that we not only enjoy, but can be proud of.


That’s why we are big on continuous improvement and training as part of our Zinc:Accelerate program.

That’s why we really stretch the boundaries and have yoga classes in our in-house purposed built gym as part of Zinc:Fit

And it’s certainly also why we always have a stocked fridge to help feed the good work we do.


“If you put people first, great things will follow”


As a result we of the many cultural programs and benefits we strive to provide to our internal clients, we’re able to deliver the best results for our external clients.

And sometimes, when everything aligns, it’s nice to receive recognition.


That’s why this year, we’re very proud to be ranked 5th in Australia’s Great Places To Work 2016.

So if you’re a client, thank you for helping us to create such a fantastic place to work.


If you would like to see where other organizations ranked, check out the full list here


Pete Cleary

CEO Zinc Group